Alivation Behavioral & Mental Health Center






Alivation has something for everyone.

At Alivation, we stand as the leader of mental and behavioral healthcare, pioneering innovative treatment options such as Ketamine and TMS. As your trusted partners in healing and understanding, we approach your well-being holistically, considering the biological, psychological, and social factors that shape your journey.

Our commitment to your wellness extends beyond traditional boundaries. Within our integrated healthcare facility, you’ll find Mental/Behavioral Health, Primary Care, Pharmacy, Aesthetics, and Research divisions united under one roof, providing you with comprehensive and accessible top-quality care.

Together, we craft a personalized treatment plan that aligns perfectly with your life, aspirations, and path to remission. Welcome to Alivation, where we offer a wide spectrum of services, from family primary care and counseling to cutting-edge TMS and Ketamine Therapy, all tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our doors are wide open to new patients, and our wealth of experience shines through the thousands of successful partnerships we’ve forged on the journey to improved health. Join us in your pursuit of well-being and discover the difference of our patient-centered, comprehensive care approach.

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