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Alivation Behavioral & Mental Health Center





Alivation offers extensive and innovative services including brain and behavioral health, neurology, primary care, an on-site pharmacy, and research institute, but Alivation is more than a “one-stop-shop”. Every person at Alivation whether they are a provider, an executive leader, or part of the support team, is aligned and working as one to bring next level patient care. Focused on improving patient outcomes, Alivation dedicates significant time and resources to providing the best assessment, diagnostic, and treatment services available. Our dynamic team and breadth of expertise allow us to be the best we can be to our internal team, our partners and the patients who allow us to take part in their care. Alivation seeks these same characteristics in its potential partners and collaborators.

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Welcome to Alivation. Welcome to Next Level You.

Brain/Behavioral Health  402.476.6060
               Primary Care  402.466.3355