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Brain/Behavioral Health 402.476.6060

Primary Care 402.466.3355

Pharmacy 402.476.5686

Psychiatric Research: 402.817.2243

Primary Care Research: 402.817.2244

Aesthetics 402.817.2246

When calling Brain/Behavioral Health 402.476.6060 or Primary Care 402.466.3355 during business hours: Monday- Thursday 8 am to 5 pm and Friday 8 am to 12 pm below are the extensions:

Press 0 to Schedule an Appointment or for General Questions

Press 1 to Speak to our Nursing Team

Press 2 to Speak with Alivation Pharmacy

Press 3 for the TMS or Ketamine Team

Press 4 to Speak with Alivation Research

Press 5 to Speak with our Billing Team

Press 6 for the Medical Records team

Press 7 for Alivation Aesthetics

Press 8 for Office Information

Press 9 for how we are Handling COVID