Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a breakthrough treatment used for depression. When medication proves ineffective or causes negative side effects, this drug-free, FDA-approved, noninvasive and safe technology provides a powerful alternative treatment. TMS uses magnetic pulses to stimulate parts of the brain associated with depression, and patients frequently report improvements in their mood, higher energy levels and an increased sense of well-being.

Alivation is one of the top providers of TMS in the United States.

  • TMS is more effective than medication by itself. We find 50% of people who complete our TMS program reach full remission, compared to less than 1% who continue with medication alone.
  • TMS provides symptom relief in over 90% of people. We have treated over 1,000 people with TMS, including over 35,000 individual sessions, making our clinic one of the top experts in the world.
  • TMS is safer than medications with less severe common side effects. Expected side effects may include headaches shortly after treatment, discomfort during treatment, activation of muscles during treatment, and lightheadedness.  You are conscious during treatment, and after treatment you may return to work or other activities.
  • Our TMS program recommends starting with between 30-60 treatment sessions. After your initial treatment, you and your provider will determine if continued treatment would be beneficial.