Pat Collins embarked on his healthcare journey in 1980 as a correctional officer in the Department of Corrections’ mental health unit. This early exposure to the dire need for mental health services among inmates inspired him to pursue a counseling degree, marking the beginning of his dedicated career in mental health advocacy.

Witnessing both commendable care and unfortunate mistreatment in correctional and mental health facilities shaped Pat’s approach to healthcare, emphasizing respect and dignity for all individuals. His commitment extends to treating major mental illnesses and supporting couples, highlighting his broad scope of concern and compassion.

Pat’s approach to patient care is characterized by respect and a genuine caring attitude. His personal interests, like walking, reading, and travel, reinforce the importance he places on maintaining physical and mental wellness, a philosophy he encourages in his patients.

Significant to Pat’s practice are the moments when patients with mental illness stabilize on medication and lead productive lives, underscoring the importance of medication compliance and the possibility of recovery. His work philosophy is succinctly captured in the motto, “Whatever healthy intervention works, use it,” reflecting his adaptive and patient-centered approach.

Collaboration with other healthcare professionals and continuous education are crucial to Pat’s method, ensuring a comprehensive and informed approach to care. He views mental and emotional health as fundamental to overall wellness, advocating for a holistic treatment strategy that addresses the mind, body, and emotions within an integrated healthcare practice.

Pat Collins’ career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to mental health, defined by compassion, dedication, and a holistic approach to patient care.