Most statistics show that many, many more women than men use aesthetic and cosmetic treatment procedures. Many clinics and organizations dedicated to aesthetics have more feminine values in their marketing and design, pink and light coloration, soothing spa atmospheres and music, good scents. It can feel like it’s a field dedicated entirely to women, with no place for men at all.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Simply put, aesthetics is for everyone. It isn’t a vain issue of glamour and looks. Aesthetics is about how you feel, and about how you can get the most of your life. It’s about being happiest, no matter how you get there. It’s also about mental wellness, and feeling dynamic, confident, and able to accomplish all your goals. These values aren’t gendered—they’re universal. Men can get aesthetics procedures if they want them because men can (and should) take care of their health. Good house and body-keeping is just human.

For men who’ve lost significant weight and want to tone their stomachs, they can do two procedures at Alivation Aesthetics. The first is our truSculpt iD, which shrinks leftover fat deposits and tightens skin, thereby making the muscles more visible. The second step is FlexSculpt, which uses electrical currents to tone the muscles for a firmer, filled out, and more muscular look. For men with a certain body image goal, these two procedures can help get you there.

For men who are young at heart but aging in their body, other treatments, especially for wrinkle and vein reduction, can help restore the positive self-image and a feeling of youth and vitality. We’re living longer now than ever before, able to do more things than before, and we inhabit ourselves longer than at any other point in history. Our technology is catching up with that to reflect that we don’t have to age like we used to, and we can look as young as we feel, and for longer.

There’s nothing shameful about pursuing your best self. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best you can be, no matter how you get there. For men who want the edge, and who want to enhance their overall life and well-being, aesthetics should be considered a vital, useful, and practical solution. You can have everything you want, and don’t have to feel bad about it. Let Alivation Aesthetics help you reach all your goals.