It’s a common problem: a bad tattoo.

For some, the tattoo may not be bad, but merely outdated. We often get our first tattoos when we’re young, and just like our brains, our preferences change as we age. What worked when we were twenty may not work when we’re thirty, and likely not when we’re forty. Change of heart and regret are huge reasons for wanting a tattoo change. But tattoos, we are constantly reminded, are permanent. They fade, but they last.

So if you do have a tattoo that hasn’t changed with you, what are your options?

It used to be you had two choices: Grin and bear it, remembering that the tattoo isn’t you, merely a part of you. Or get new ink to try and cover up the old ink. Maybe a design lends itself well as a template for something new and better, more fitting for where you’re currently at in your life. That was it.

But now, thanks to Alivation Aesthetics, there’s third option for you: enlighten laser tattoo removal by Cutera. Enlighten uses an advanced laser system, with various wavelengths and pulse durations, to safely and effectively remove tattoos permanently from your body. Enlighten works by nanosecond pulses that microscopically shatter the ink particles into small pieces, which are then flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system. Over time, the target tattoo begins to lighten and fade, and eventually new skin reemerges.

Enlighten’s pulses are faster and penetrate deeper than other brands, which results in quicker clearance of unwanted tattoos over fewer treatment sessions. The results speak for themselves: skin that appears natural and ink-free where once were areas of unwanted, unsightly tattoos. The amount of treatment sessions varies depending on the composition, depth, and color of the tattoo’s ink, as well as the size.

For those wanting a fresh start, free of the old ink that’s keeping them down, Alivation Aesthetics has the best technology and the expert team to make it happen. Schedule your consultation today and return your skin to exactly the way you want it safely and effectively.