With a wide array of services, our team of professionals can provide high levels of care for newborns, small children, teenagers and adults. Want to know more about a specific service? Want to know about what sets Alivation’s Primary Care apart from others in Lincoln? Ready to schedule an appointment? Call us at 402.466.3355 to get started—we’re here for you.

Family medicine is one of our foremost specialties. From basic preventive services to the treatment of chronic illnesses, we’re the doctor’s office that will handle the needs of your entire family.

We are the team of experts we want to take our children to. Newborns require a high level of special care. You can rest easy by putting your baby in our capable hands—from vaccinations to physicals and other standard infant care services, Alivation puts your family on the path to wellness and education from Day 1.

With years of experience in the health and wellness of children and teenagers, Alivation is well-suited to care for your children no matter how old they are. We help you stay on top of your child’s medical needs by providing routine services like physicals and personalized advice and solutions for accidents or injuries.

Adults of all ages are comfortable coming to Alivation because they’re confident in the level of personalized care they experience during each visit. With some of the industry’s leading technology, we’re able to perform many important types of preventive tests in addition to being able to handle a range of other services in a single appointment.

For years we’ve worked with patients who have both acute and chronic illnesses. We treat many different conditions and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to better help us efficiently diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses.

Our preventive care services range from basic school physicals to blood pressure checks and gynecological exams, and we can do it all from the comfort of our facility. Our team of professionals will talk with you about your family history and discuss any preventive tests you may want to consider, including provider recommended tests, based on that information.

Good healthcare goes hand in hand with quality education. Whether it’s talking with you or your family about potential side effects of a particular medication or sharing educational brochures about a specific health condition, we’re with you every step of the way on your journey to health and wellness. We encourage our patients to learn as much as they can about their health, and we do our best to help.