Did You Know We Have Primary Care?

We only ask because a lot of people don’t know that about us. A good fact to know, right?

Yes, Alivation Health has a Primary Care division in our garden level. It has nurses, APRNs, a PA, and a doctor. It’s right next to our medical records and Aesthetics divisions and is fully integrated with the rest of our divisions. Primary Care used to be Family Practice Specialists, LLC. But luckily for us, we inherited a great company with a truly terrific medical team. Our Primary Care specialists see all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which are acute issues, vaccines, annual physicals, routine checkups, bloodwork, minor skin issues, and the list goes on, longer than a single blog can do justice to.

Lincoln has a wide variety of medical practitioners and clinics. So what sets us apart? What makes Alivation’s Primary Care a go-to for the neighborhood and community? It’s our passion for providing complete, whole-person care. Dedication to patient experience and outcomes is essential, and we practice it every single day. While Lincoln has many great medical clinics, our Primary Care is fully integrated with the rest of our services, meaning you receive complete care from one team, in one location, in one convenient trip.

We have many established patients who trust us to partner with them in their care, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help anyone who walks through our doors. Many people are often surprised to learn about our breadth of services and the care options available on our premises, and we can’t say we blame them: our building is large, and we provide cutting-edge treatment and assessment options that many haven’t been able to experience elsewhere. It can be an adventure to visit Alivation for the first time and see everything, and we realize that every patient has unique needs, but Primary Care, especially in cold and flu season, is something for everyone.

You’ll find happy, dedicated people here. They’ll listen, are eager to chat with you, and will get you the services you need for whatever ails you. Our Primary Care team doesn’t limit their care to only outside patients: it was awesome this year to be able to get a flu shot just down the hall from people you know, especially since they’re amazing at their jobs. It was convenient and helpful, and contributed to our entire team’s overall wellness, and in turn, the wellness of our patients. We all work together, and we all try to stay healthy together.

For those looking for a new primary care provider, and a passionate, expert team to handle their health needs, Alivation’s Primary Care should be your go-to. Convenient location, a great team, integration with other services—what’s not to love? Call us anytime to schedule your first appointment, or feel free to ask about it when you’re here for another appointment in our Brain Health, Research, or Aesthetics divisions. We’re always happy to take new patients, we provide walk-in, same-day appointments, and we accept all forms of insurance. Now that you know we have Primary Care, you can feel assured it’s the best care you’ll find.

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Visiting Primary Care

When visiting Alivation Health, the first thing that strikes you is our emphasis on brain and behavioral health services. Much of this is by our own design: We’re the brain health experts, we offer TMS, and a host of therapy, and counseling services for the life of the mind. We talk about our four branded affiliates, Alivation Health, Alivation Research, Alivation Aesthetics, and Alivation Pharmacy. Two of those are self-explanatory; we know what research and pharmacy do intuitively.

So what about Alivation Health’s Primary Care?

Our primary care is as important as the other two branded affiliates for complete integrative care. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again and again: the body is all integrated, and so should be the body’s care. Primary care is where you go when you have a cold; when you need a school physical or a basic checkup. When you need a vaccination, or when you have a medical condition you want to be examined, primary care is there for you. They also do minor procedures such as mole or lesion removal, trigger point injections and ear irrigation, sutures for cuts, in-house labs for strep and influenza, audiograms, ANS testing, urinalysis, oximetry and vision tests, and offer a suite of medicated injections like Vitamin B12, Toradol and Depo Medrol. Their biggest virtue is that they do it all, for any need.

Alivation’s primary care is made up of Allison Schindler, Jamie Draper, Kristen Speaker our Nurse Practitioners; Kristi Fries, PA-C, LPNs: Krysten, Yasmeen and Lexi and Shelley, our Clinical Support. Each one forms a crucial part of primary care, and they work terrifically as a team to see as many people as possible each day. Coming from a prior clinic background, their experience is second to none and they’re adept at the essential bedside manner. They average a few hundred patients a week, but they’re always taking new ones.

From 8:00 am -5:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and Friday 8:00 am-12:00 pm they’ll see you for:

  • Management of chronic diseases
  • Annual wellness visits – 65+ and other Medicare patients
  • Complete physical exams for 18-65
  • Acute/sick visits for all ages
  • Well-child checks, from birth to 18
  • School and sport physicals for all ages

What sets primary care apart from other care facilities in the region is the access to ancillary services, especially for the sick. It makes sense: when you come in for the flu, do you really feel like driving, possibly across town, to a pharmacy for your medications? Or would it be easier to simply walk upstairs, grab your medicines and go right home to bed? With our integrated setup, this is exactly what we have. Diagnosis is quick and painless; getting your prescription is even quicker, and you’ll be out the door to recover before you know it. Have a mental challenge you’d like someone to look at? No problem. The team in primary care can point you in the right direction to the proper provider or service upstairs that you’ll benefit most from.

As Alivation’s primary care is less than two years old, the potential for growth is enormous. They love staying busy. With each patient taking 20-minute appointments, the days are full, but not so full that we won’t see you for whatever challenges you have. We’ll select more staff to meet that need rather than turn away patients. Our goal is to care for everyone who walks through the door, no matter if they need brain and behavioral health services, TMS, sutures, cold and flu medicine, therapy, and counseling, or they want to participate in one of Alivation Research’s many beneficial ongoing studies. You name it, we have it.

The team at primary care is ready to see you.

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