What is truSculpt iD?

You’ve tried dieting. You’ve tried exercising. You’ve tried both. You may have gotten all the results you wanted. If so, congratulations! Health and wellness are journeys, and everyone takes them differently. For those who’ve lost weight but have remaining problem areas of fat and loose skin, there’s truSculpt iD by Cutera. When you want an [...]


What is PICO Genesis?

It’s a revolutionary skin treatment that restores vitality and youth. That’s what it is, but let’s see how it works. PICO Genesis uses non-thermal pulses of laser light on unwanted pigment areas to remodel the upper layers of the skin. Over time, this makes the pigment gradually fade and disappear, rejuvenating the skin to a [...]


xeo® hair removal

One of the worst evolutionary drawbacks of being human is the residual body hair we possess. It’s not keeping us warm, and it can inconvenience our confidence. Any number of treatments exist for it: razors and shaving, waxing, etc. But these are hardly permanent, requiring a lifetime of cream, lotion, razors, time, and plenty of [...]


Can Men Benefit From Aesthetics Treatments?

Most statistics show that many, many more women than men use aesthetic and cosmetic treatment procedures. Many clinics and organizations dedicated to aesthetics have more feminine values in their marketing and design, pink and light coloration, soothing spa atmospheres and music, good scents. It can feel like it’s a field dedicated entirely to women, with [...]

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