The Lincoln community offers people many options when it comes to physical and mental well-being, along with self-care. You’ll find many talented people and organizations doing great work for patients across every spectrum. Many different treatments and procedures are offered. No matter what you need, someone has it. No matter your desired look, someone can help.

Let that someone be Alivation Aesthetics.

While Aesthetics isn’t our only focus, part of what makes us stand out is the team and the integration with the rest of Alivation Health. In so many aesthetics and cosmetic places, you come in for a treatment, you receive it, you’re given instructions, and you may come back for another round. If you’re done, you’re done, and that’s it. It can leave people feeling vulnerable, or that they’re on their own now, with no guidance or help to maintain what their hard work brought them.

At Alivation Aesthetics, it isn’t only a treatment—it’s a sustainable lifestyle. You can get your vaccinations or receive acute and chronic care through Primary Care down the hall, fill your prescriptions at the Pharmacy, or receive counseling, therapy, or TMS sessions in Behavioral Health. Even for aesthetic procedures, you’re never alone when you’re at Alivation. We’re with you every step of the way, no matter your goals or the challenges in your life.

Jamie Draper- APRN, and  Lana Ekberg-Wood, FNP, APRN, lead the Aesthetics team and are knowledgeable, kind, and ready to help you with all your goals for your body and for your life. They listen to your concerns, your needs, and your hopes for your treatment. They design plans contoured to your lifestyle and desires. Aesthetics is designed to be built into anyone’s professional and personal framework for wellness, health, and fitness.

When choosing Alivation Aesthetics, ask yourself: Are long-term health and wellness my goal, or just a brief period? Do I want to be happy with myself and my body for a few months, or a few years? Do I want to feel better, or do I want to be better? Do I want to be on my own, or do I want an efficient, integrated health model to help me maintain it all? If your response is for longevity and personal fulfillment over a greater period, and for increased wellness in all aspects, Alivation Aesthetics is your answer.